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Nam Hong Welfare 22nd Anniversary Charity Dinner 2023

Fundraising: 22 Sep – 30 November 2023
Event: 18 November 2023

This charity event is an opportunity to recognise the dedicated efforts and generosity of our valued sponsors, donors, volunteers, and staff who have played a crucial role in supporting our cause and making NHWSS exceptional. We hope to spark renewed energy in our fundraising efforts as we reflect on our mission and express gratitude to those who have devoted their hearts and resources to support our beneficiaries.

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The Sunrise Coast Walk - Bringing smiles to our Seniors

Date: 1 April – 31 August 2023

Sponsor our charity walk to promote inclusiveness and active lifestyles for elderly participants from all backgrounds. Our vision is to have socially isolated and immobile seniors engaged in healthy activities while forging lasting friendships in their community.



Beading Craft Workshop

Date: 8 April and 15 April 2023

Location: Caring Heart Centre

Learn how to create with beads in our upcoming beading craft workshop conducted by instructor Low Siew Yoong, for seniors aged 60 years old and above.

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